REBSEA is Expanding

We are finishing up our initial phase of assembling our network of REBSEA Founders. We could not be more pleased or more proud of the group of inspirational leaders who share our common vision of the potential for social enterprise to have a dramatic impact in our communities.
 If you have been invited to join us as one of our Founders please let us know if you will be joining us soon because our attention will now be shifting to the next phase of our planning. We will be offering general memberships to real estate agents and be focusing on those states, cities, and towns where we do not yet have REBSEA members. We are making steady progress in rolling out our development plan, phase by phase.
 REBSEA is beginning to show up in a variety of places as word gets around that there is something new happening in the world of social enterprise. Here is a link to an article published recently in an independent blog site that deals with Real Estate  Daily Properties
Our FaceBook presence is also growing: Please Like us at  FaceBook
 You will notice a number of changes and additions to the REBSEA website in the days and weeks ahead as our message morphs to present a broader and evolving program.
Our mailings will continue to  introduce our  Founders to show how they are addressing some of the important yet unmet needs in their communities:



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